Times and Fees

Information and Fee's

Childsplaychildmining is open:

Monday to Friday 7.00am - 6.00pm.


£4 per per hour, per child

Overnight care
Not available.

Under 5’s
Sessions are available to suit any hours required.

School age
Before and after school sessions are available.

School Holidays
Sessions for school holidays are available.

Fees are inclusive of all dinner time meals, snacks and drinks but a small charge is made for evening hot meals.

Tax Credits and childcare vouchers 
As I am a registered childminder you may be entitled to claim help with costs of childcare through tax credits or employers childcare vouchers. Contact your employer or the Inland Revenue for more information. I am already registered to receive 
Midcounties Co-operative, Computershare Voucher, Edenred Childcare , Accor childcare and Teson. I am willing to register for any new ones.

Nef funding

I am also able to offer the 15 and 30 hrs a week/term time funding for children 3 years+.

As of 2016 I am also able to offer 2 year funding (refer to online guidance for eligibility.)

A child is eligible for the funding from the beginning of the term following their third birthday until statutory school age, for more information on the funding please visit www.leics.gov.uk/feee 

Sickness/occasional days off
If your child is unable to attend due to sickness or other reasons, your full fee will apply. If I am unable to care for your child for any reason then I will assist you in trying to find alternative care and no fee will be charged.

Choosing a childminder means you have the advantage of flexible care. Although my core opening hours are 7.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday, I am happy to discuss your needs if your requirements fall outside these hours.