Policies and procedures

As a childcare provider I find it is especially helpful to have a framework of guidelines laid down to
explain to prospective parents they way I work with the children.

When a new family come to visit I give them a prospectus with all my Policies in to look through. 
I find that this lays some ground rules and helps parents understand my views and practices 
concerning child care.

The Policies and Procedures I have are:

Accident and Emergency  Policy

Alcohol and other substance Policy

Behavior Policy

Non-collection of Child Policy

Complaints Policy

Complaints guidance Policy

Confidentiality Policy

House Rules

Equal opportunities Policy

Food and drink Policy

Procedure if a child is lost or goes missing Policy

Medicines Policy

Outing Policy

Payment Procedures

Illness & infectious diseases Policy

Safeguarding children Policy

Smoking Policy

Procedure if a child is not collected Policy

Termination Policy

Working with parents Policy

Trampoline Policy

Sun protection Policy

Sandpit policy

Independent arrival at childminders policy

Transporting children I an car policy

Television policy

Pet policy

Biting policy

Adminission policy

Bullying policy

Observation policy

Headline policy

Visitors in my home

Risk assessment policy

Sick child policy

Photography/camera phone policy

Once we have signed contracts these Policies and Procedures are available to look at at anytime
and to refer to .

Copies are available on request.