Policies and procedures

As a childcare provider I find it is especially helpful to have a framework of guidelines laid down to
explain to prospective parents they way I work with the children.

When a new family come to visit I give them a prospectus with all my Policies in to look through. 
I find that this lays some ground rules and helps parents understand my views and practices 
concerning child care.

The Policies and Procedures I have are:

Accident and Emergency Policy

Alcohol and other substance Policy

Behavior Policy

Non-collection of Child Policy

Head lice policy

Complaints Policy

Complaints guidance

Confidentiality Policy

Free Early Education Entitlement policy (FEEE)

SEND policy

House Rules policy

Equal opportunities Policy

Food and drink Policy

Procedure if a child is lost or goes missing Policy

Medicines Policy

Outing Policy

Payment Procedures

Illness & infectious diseases Policy

Safeguarding children Policy

Smoking Policy

Procedure if a child is not collected Policy

Health and safety policy

Termination Policy

Working with parents Policy

Toileting a nappy changing policy and procedure.

Sun protection Policy

Sandpit policy

Independent arrival at childminders policy

Transporting children in a car policy

Television policy

Pet policy

Biting policy

Late payment policy

Adminission policy

Bullying policy

Observation policy

Large garden equipment policy

Headline policy

Visitors in my home policy

Retention policy

Risk assessment policy

Sick child policy

Photography/camera phone policy

Once we have signed contracts these Policies and Procedures are available to look at at anytime
and to refer to .

Copies are available on request.