During a normal childminding day we usually go on an outing to somewhere like a toddler group in the morning and play in the house or garden in the afternoon while the little ones have a sleep or rest. Sometimes we invite friends round to play.

Here are just a few of the things the children will do during their time with me…

·         Drawing pictures and writing letters and numbers including sticking, paints, chalks,               stencils,   crayons etc.

·         Outings to the park, ducks, shops, library, a friend’s house or child-friendly toddler                group etc.

·         Reading books, comics, magazines etc.

·         Exploring numbers, shapes, sizes, opposites etc.

·         Making friends and playing lots of games with other children.

·         Playing with building blocks, Lego, train tracks, farm yard, cars, dolls, teddies etc.

·         Helping to prepare, share out and tidy up after snacks, drinks or meals.

·         Jigsaws, board games or puzzles alone or with friends.

·         Singing, dancing, listening to music from around the world and using the instruments.

·         Going on a mini beast search, a listening walk, a treasure or a bear hunt etc.

·         Finding out about the world around us.

·         Playing in the garden with the football, sand, bike, playhouse, buggies, water,                       slide, chalk, seesaw etc.

·         Making and using play-dough, salt dough, Plasticine and other messy play games.