Themes and Topics

I plan depending on each child’s age, stage of development and level of understanding. 

For little ones we follow their interests and learning styles… for the older children and pre-schoolers we involve them in writing themed planning which is designed to help them learn more about the world around them and special days through our multicultural year.

For example, we plan a series of activities depending on the season…

Spring – we look at the new things happening in spring. We also explore special days such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, St David’s Day, the Winter Olympics and Mothering Sunday.

Summer– we think about the different places we might go on holiday and learn more about them.  We also explore special days such as Father’s Day, World Cup, Ramadam and St George’s Day.

Autumn – we look at the world around us and think about how it is changing. We collect and explore leaves and we involve the children in thinking about autumn festivals from around the world such as Harvest, bonfire night and Thanksgiving.

Winter – we look at the changing weather as the days grow shorter and colder. We also explore winter special events such as Christmas.

We might help the children to explore through special clothes, food, outings, crafts, art, songs, dance etc.

A lot of the work the pre school children do goes home as parents like to keep it.